Why Is the Penis Mushroom Formed?

There are some questions in life that you simply’re higher off not figuring out the reply to — like how scorching canine are made, or what’s actually in beef jerky. However in case you’re one of many 27,100 folks googling, “Why is the penis mushroom formed?” per 30 days, you deserve an evidence. Belief, the reply is far more unhinged than you most likely suppose.

According to evolutionary theories, some penises are formed with their signature mushroom-like head due to what’s referred to as the semen displacement speculation. This speculation suggests the mushroom form can scoop out different males’s semen from the vagina. (Sure, you learn that proper.)

It is all primarily based on the concept that males in the end need to be the one to impregnate their companion and that having the ability to scoop out different males’s semen throughout intercourse with their in-and-out thrusts will increase that chance.

New Jersey-based urologist Anika Ackerman, MD, says that the semen displacement concept is a results of “evolution and male competitors” and was studied by researchers in 2003. The researchers used a silicone vagina and a latex penis to imitate intercourse. They have been in a position to show that “the form of the penis allowed it to scoop out a semen-like substance,” says Dr. Ackerman. She provides that 90 p.c of the cornstarch and water combination (the makeshift semen) was eliminated with only one thrust.

Dr. Ackerman says this research validated the displacement concept because it proved a person’s coronal ridge (aka the top of the penis that shapes into the mushroom) would drag out different males’s semen and permit their very own to stay once they’re completed.

Although this can be exhausting to consider, and actually, it simply seems like misogynistic BS, intercourse researcher Sarah Melancon, PhD, says it is an actual evolutionary concept. Nevertheless it’s not rooted in one hundred pc reality. She explains that there are loopholes, particularly once you have a look at how the physique ovulates: “Sperm can stay as much as 5 days protected by cervical mucus. In any other case, the vagina is very acidic and sperm will die inside hours.” With that in thoughts, “semen displacement would due to this fact solely be a problem if a feminine is having intercourse with a number of males inside a interval of hours or throughout ovulation,” she says.

Personally, I might prefer to suppose penises are mushroom formed in a years-long effort to create pleasurable sensations for each males and ladies throughout intercourse. Daniel Boyer, MD, agrees: “The form is primarily a bodily adaptation to extend effectivity and facilitate profitable mating.” The mushroom aesthetic additionally provides the penis a extra interesting look. It makes it much less “Hey, have a look at this lengthy factor” and extra “Have a look at this factor that vaguely resembles a meals that would have you ever tripping very quickly.”

So no matter what technique or concept you consider, you now have all the data you might want to drunkenly carry it up at joyful hour with your folks. Get pleasure from.

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