What Is Sexual Kung Fu?

The latest season of “Love Is Blind” dropped on Oct. 19, and all anybody can discuss are Raven’s jumping jacks, Colleen’s occupation, and Nancy’s 100+ donated eggs. But when there’s something dwelling rent-free in my thoughts after watching the primary few episodes, it is this: what the f*ck is sexual kung fu?

If you happen to have been too busy scrolling in your telephone to catch this second, here is the gist: contestant Andrew, 30, talked about the time period throughout considered one of his one-on-one dates with Nancy. After he humble-bragged about vacationing in Singapore and being “nose to nose with a lion” in Africa, he began telling Nancy about his “sexual awakening,” describing the perfect intercourse he is ever had as “transcendental.”

However Andrew admitted he hasn’t all the time been “oozing intercourse.” Apparently, it began in Bali together with his 41-year-old ex-girlfriend who taught him all the things he is aware of about intercourse — together with slightly one thing he referred to as “sexual kung fu.”

“The final word purpose of that’s to have an orgasm with out ejaculating, and there is a set of practices, and I’ve labored on this over time,” he says. “At this level, I can have type of mini orgasms with out ejaculating throughout intercourse, which is the best.”

It is pretty widespread information that girls can expertise a number of orgasms again to again — and mini orgasms, at that — since ladies haven’t got refractory durations (aka a restoration interval after orgasm), in line with the International Society for Sexual Medicine. However there is not a whole lot of knowledge on the market that explores this type of semen retention observe for these with penises.

To get some solutions, we spoke with a intercourse knowledgeable about sexual kung fu — together with what it’s, whether or not or not it is an precise factor, learn how to observe it, and why it is a supply of “intense pleasure,” as Andrew says.

What Is Sexual Kung Fu?

Kung fu is named a reputation for varied Chinese language martial arts, however it might additionally describe associated disciplines which might be practiced for self-growth, in line with Merriam-Webster. Some consultants say “kung” stands for skillful work and laborious coaching, and “fu” means time spent. “Collectively, they imply time spent on skillful work, an endeavor, or laborious coaching,” Grasp Nick Scrima writes in a Chinese Martial Arts Center blog.

With that in thoughts, whenever you put “sexual” in entrance of “kung fu,” you possibly can interpret the which means as spending a whole lot of time on coaching your physique sexually, as Andrew describes. (Sounds fairly enjoyable, TBH.)

Because it seems, sexual kung fu is a factor within the holistic, aware intercourse area. Erotic power employee and founding father of Reiki Bondage Reverend Rucifer tells hollywoodnewsflash.us that sexual kung fu is the observe of “withholding ejaculation to keep up the essence and power throughout the semen to create a extra aware, expressive, and linked expertise between penis homeowners and their important life power.”

As a result of semen retention is a predominant pillar of this observe, sadly, sexual kung fu is unique to those that have penises. However! If you do not have a penis, that does not imply you possibly can’t expertise the feel-good advantages that include having a associate who is training sexual kung fu.

What Are the Advantages of Training Sexual Kung Fu?

Curiously, stopping your self from ejaculating may provide some advantages. For these of who’ve tried edging earlier than — the act of repeatedly halting sexual play earlier than experiencing an orgasm — you realize precisely what I imply. Although there is no laborious proof on the market (can somebody please fee a scientific examine on sexual kung fu?!), Rev. Ruciver says this observe can “improve sensitivity and pleasure when orgasm does happen,” make it easier to really feel “extra open and linked to your individual life power,” and possibly even increase your focus, consideration, and creativity.

On a extra holistic observe, nonetheless, Rev. Rucifer notes that “many penis homeowners famous feeling extra accountable for their very own pleasure” after making an attempt it. She explains it’s because, via sexual kung fu, they’re able to expertise “cultivated consciousness round their sexual power.”

Moreover, training sexual kung fu may assist reduce the stress to orgasm throughout intercourse or solo play. “It helps to make sexual experiences much less goal-oriented and extra concerning the full expertise of delight that’s attainable exterior of the expertise of ejaculation,” she says.

How, Precisely, Do You Observe Sexual Kung Fu?

If you wish to begin “oozing intercourse,” as Andrew says, you possibly can strive training sexual kung fu. It begins with getting in tune along with your physique and the bodily sensations that occur whenever you expertise pleasure. The subsequent few instances you might have intercourse or masturbate, reasonably than going via the motions as you usually would, actually concentrate on noticing the precise feelings and bodily sensations that come up.

It is about “slowing down and taking the time to observe and join with [your] ejaculation expertise,” Rev. Rucifer says. You possibly can even incorporate meditative practices and breathwork into play to really feel extra honed in in your sexual power. As soon as you are feeling linked to your orgasm, you can begin training edging, says Rev. Rucifer. It will make it easier to to learn to handle the sentiments of eager to ejaculate however then controlling your self from doing so.

Then, as soon as you’ve got mastered that observe (and it continues to really feel good), with the assistance of breathwork and guided visualization, as you’re pleasuring your self, “transfer the sexual power all through the complete physique to really feel pleasure increase, and flow into the power with out the necessity to ejaculate,” says Rev. Rucifer. Then, after you are feeling like you might have skilled these “mini orgasms,” you could possibly expertise ejaculation that is not like something you’ve got felt earlier than.

Simply observe that observe is essential right here. You possibly can’t anticipate to succeed in this place of euphoria after one or two classes of making an attempt sexual kung fu. As famous earlier, the “fu” a part of sexual kung fu means there shall be numerous time spent training this, and that is OK — it is a part of the enjoyable.

In spite of everything, as Andrew says, “when you open your thoughts to sexual pleasure changing into this holistic factor, and eroticism beginning exterior of the bed room, it is like an avenue for progress and in addition a supply of intense pleasure.” Even when you aren’t getting to the purpose of getting mini orgasms and earth-shattering climaxes, cultivating intention and consciousness throughout any observe — sexual or not — is never a nasty factor. Even higher? It is one thing individuals with out penises can get in on, too.

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