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Among the many many phrases individuals use to explain their romantic and sexual preferences, one phrase you may not be accustomed to is aromantic. According to Merriam-Webster, this adjective is used to explain those that “have little or no romantic feeling towards others,” and it is the alternative of the time period alloromantic, which describes individuals who do expertise romantic attraction.

In 2015, aromantic identification was officially recognized by GLAAD when it expanded the time period “LGBTQ+” to “LGBTQIA,” with the “A” representing asexual, agender, and aromantic identities. Although it might not be a phrase you hear typically, it is a wide-ranging identification that resonates with many.

Typically talking, the definition of aromantic is nuanced, which means it might look totally different from individual to individual. Some aromantic individuals might by no means expertise romantic attraction, whereas others might expertise it in particular conditions. It is also true that some aromantic individuals might expertise sexual attraction, whereas others might not. All that is to say, there isn’t any one-size-fits-all definition of aromantic.

So in case you’re questioning, “Am I aromantic?” otherwise you simply wish to discover ways to be a greater ally, contemplate this your all-encompassing information to aromantic identification — together with details about the aromantic flag, the aromantic spectrum, and what it means to be aromantic vs. asexual.

Aromantic Definition

Being aromantic means you expertise “little to no romantic attraction and emotions for an additional particular person or do not share the need to kind a romantic relationship with anybody,” says licensed intercourse therapist Aliyah Moore, PhD. That stated, she provides that being aromantic doesn’t suggest somebody has by no means skilled love or felt it.

The time period “aromantic” truly falls throughout a spectrum, which encompasses many various variations of the aromantic orientation, Dr. Moore explains. For instance, somebody could possibly be grayromantic, which implies they “fall someplace between being romantic and aromantic,” says Dr. Moore. In different phrases, they hardly ever expertise romantic attraction or might really feel one thing romantic towards others underneath very particular situations. Somebody may be demiromantic, which implies they “solely expertise romantic emotions towards different individuals after forming an emotional bond with them.”

All of those phrases fall underneath the aromantic umbrella, and as such, the which means of the time period varies so much relying on the person utilizing it.

It is also price noting that, opposite to the assumption that aromantic individuals may be seemingly chilly in the case of relationships, “they’ll nonetheless really feel and provides love,” Dr. Moore says. Whether or not it is with buddies or household, Dr. Moore says it is extremely a lot attainable for aromantic individuals to construct robust relationships with others outdoors the realms of romance, even sexually in some circumstances.

Aromantic vs. Asexual

The largest distinction between being aromantic and asexual (the time period used to explain individuals who don’t expertise sexual attraction or a need to have a sexual relationship) is the 2 fall on fully totally different spectrums, says Dr. Moore. Aromantic is a time period that refers to somebody’s romantic preferences, whereas asexual describes somebody’s sexual preferences.

This implies it’s totally attainable for somebody to be each aromantic and asexual. It is also attainable for somebody to be aromantic however nonetheless fascinated by creating a sexual relationship with somebody. And it is attainable for somebody to be asexual but nonetheless fascinated by creating a romantic relationship with somebody.

Am I Aromantic?

There isn’t any definitive record of indicators that might let you know in case you are or aren’t aromantic, because it’s actually as much as every particular person’s preferences, emotions, and interpretation of the time period. Nevertheless, Dr. Moore says there are a number of indicators that might allow you to decide whether or not you may be aromantic. For instance:

  • You have not skilled the sensation of getting a crush or being in love with somebody.
  • You’ve got lied about having a crush when different individuals ask you. (It is quite common for aromantic individuals to fake they’re into crushes or romance as a result of that is what society dictates as regular, says Dr. Moore.)
  • You discover it arduous to narrate to romantic tales you have learn in books or seen in films.
  • You do not really feel any pleasure concerning the thought of discovering a romantic accomplice or aren’t fascinated by pursuing a romantic accomplice in any respect.
  • You make excuses for why you are not in search of a romantic accomplice.
  • You do not see your self completely happy in a romantic relationship.
  • Romantic gestures (receiving items, cuddling, kissing, holding fingers) from one other particular person do not imply something to you or are a giant turnoff. For some, these gestures might even really feel uncomfortable.
  • You do not reciprocate romantic gestures, even in case you suppose you have linked with the particular person.
  • You are completely happy to stay single.

Aromantic Flag

The aromantic flag in common use right this moment consists of 5 horizontal stripes in inexperienced, mild inexperienced, white, grey, and black (from prime to backside), in keeping with Dr. Moore. “The primary two inexperienced colours signify the aromantic spectrum. The white shade within the center acknowledges the significance of nonromantic relationships — familial, pleasant, platonic. Lastly, the grey and black colours on the backside stand for the sexuality spectrum.” (The asexual flag additionally has grey and black stripes, however on the prime.)

When you’re fascinated by buying one, you are able to do so on Amazon or from a enterprise that offers again to LGBTQ+ charities, resembling Pride Palace.

For extra assets on what it means to be aromantic, you possibly can go to web sites like GLAAD and The Trevor Project for extra assist and knowledge.

— Extra reporting by Lauren Harano

Picture Supply: Getty / iStock

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