In 1997 "Rodgers And Hammerstein's Cinderella" made history in the world of network television.

Paolo Montalban

The film was created through Walt Disney Studios for ABC the TV movie premiered on November 2, 1997, and featured a variety of actors with all the iconic roles in the tale

The brand new version of the title heroine grew into a more powerful more assertive character as Garber and Goldberg have

infused the Queen and King with more humor than the reserved and distant attitude. The film achieved real royal ratings,

reaching around 60 million viewers on ABC's "The Fantastic World of Walt Disney" time slot. However, in a movie adaptation that was

populated with famous actors the star of the film was Montalban and his gorgeous, handsome and charming Prince Christopher stood out among the cast of stars.

Following the film's huge success The actor continued to work on the tiny television screen (via IMDb), winning the part of Kung Lao in the short-lived serialized series "Mortal Kombat Conquest."