The return for actor Val Kilmer in "Top Gun: Maverick" was beloved by the majority of fans. The film even disclosed it was Tom Cruise refused to do the film without him.

Every generation has its preferred actor to portray Batman according to the time they were children as do those three Spider-Man actors.

For certain fans, the choice is Michael Keaton in 1989's "Batman," for those who lived in the late 2000s, it's probably Christian Bale.

Val Kilmer

In a recent interview, Kilmer had Kilmer talked to IGN Kilmer was said to be willing to reprise the character that he played in the past as Bruce Wayne and Batman.

The publication asked "Specifically the fact that we're now in many universes within comic book films.

We have actors who have performed the roles of Batman or Spider-Man before collaborating with the actor currently playing the character.

Do you have any interest to reprise the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne perhaps in a come-on?" In the response, Kilmer merely said, "Yea I would like to."

It seems like he'd not just be interested in performing the character in the future however, he would actually want to.

It's still unclear whether this will ever be the case, especially considering the current situation of cancelled shows in Warner Bros. Discovery