A five-year-old mother admitted her story to People Magazine that one of her children was having an uneasy start to the school year.

"My kids just went back to school and just when you think one got through it, one of my other children was bullied on the first day of school," Spelling 49, said to the outlet.

"I felt like with the one, we just got through it and we are really working on re-boosting her confidence and just bringing out her skills."

Spelling was vocal about the harassment that her daughter of 14 years Stella she has endured in the past But she knows that the "route" she takes with her son might be slightly different.

Our children are faced with lots of things," she said, noting that teachers too have been scrutinizing her children.

"They're dealing with in-person bullying from their peers, but then they're dealing with social bullying from adults, even other parents."

That's the place where she draws the line "Beverly Hills 90210" alum states that she "draws the line."

"I'll speak up, any day of the week, I'll step up and say something," the actress added. "It's difficult because we're told to believe that professional people,

children and adults professionals have the expertise in their particular area. They are experts in their field.

"You have to trust yourself as the parent because you're going to be your kids' biggest advocate," she told the media outlet.

"And that's why I tutor my children. I'm here now for them, but I'm also trying to help them how to be their own advocate when they're grown up."