Just a few hours before a completely shaken up UFC 279 card begins in Las Vegas, the UFC released a portion of

the events that caused the UFC 279 press conference prior to the fight in September. 9. canceled when it was about to start.

The footage originates from the UFC itself. It shows Khamzat Chimaev's attempt to get in Kevin Holland's face Kevin Holland before being forced to return by security.

Holland, however, immediately responds by trying to tackle Chimaev as security attempts to keep the two fighters out of the way.

"Say something now," Chimaev shouts at Holland. "F*** you, b****." "You're not about that f ****** life kid," Holland says.

Then Chimaev began to fight Nate Diaz, his originally intended opponent for the pay-per-view's main event.

"You piece of the ***," Chimaev claims. "Talk in interviews. Now say something. Everyone like playing gangsters now. C'mon, come here."


The bottle could then be shown to be thrown at Chimaev warning that he will "f*** up" both Holland and Diaz.

Although the footage has made fight fans happy that a portion of Thursday's fight is now documented on video However, others

believe that it was the UFC along with Dana White overreacted and that the press conference might not have been held despite the circumstances.