Kourtney Kardashian is lovingly living her life now as the wife of Travis Barker and her ex-husband, Scott Disick appears to be accepting her new life.

"It's definitely hard for Scott to see but since Kourtney and Travis have been celebrating their love for months now, it's been easier for him to cope,"

after the couple's wedding vows in May. Insiders say that Disick isn't nearly as hurt in the same way he was when Kardashian first began dating Barker.

Of course, this is plausible considering that Disick has recently been linked to a variety of women. In April Disick, his "Flip it Like Disick

the actor made public his relationship with actress Rebecca Donaldson at the premiere of the Kardashians the new reality series on Hulu.

Scott Disick

Although their relationship was brief and ended with Us Weekly reporting the couple's breakup on June 1,

Disick was reported to have a "serious" relationship with Donaldson apparently were in the "serious" relationship, per News47.

Despite this failure at making a move, Disick is giving lovers another chance in the form of currently confirmed to be in a relationship with famous celebrity Kimberly Stewart,

It's true that Lord Disick is not a man who is single anymore However, that's isn't the only thing that's changed about him.