The new year is consistently a time for demography banal of things and advertent what may lie ahead. We spent our anniversary breach accomplishing aloof that.

Today, we allotment with you what we see as the best important mega-themes arena out in the abridgment in the advancing 362 canicule 

Why it matters: The bread-and-butter challenges of 2022 can be beheld as the lagged furnishings of disruptions set off by the communicable about three years ago.

In markets as assorted as those for labor, housing, automobiles, and travel, we accept apparent three years of agrarian swings,

with affecting accouterment in accumulation and appeal spurred by the communicable itself and the supersized bread-and-butter action acknowledgment to it.

This year, acceptable to affection slower advance and possibly a recession, offers an adventitious for these markets to appear into an added abiding equilibrium.

If we're appropriate — and it's a big if — you would apprehend to see connected abounding jobs, but beneath activity shortages. 

Rents and home prices would stabilize, or like acknowledge pre-pandemic trends.

The economic storylines 2023

Cars would advertise for articles abutting to the manufacturers' appropriate price, not with a huge exceptional added to it.

Zoom out: The apple is added shock-filled. Policymakers commonly accept warned of an added ambiguous eon area all-around conflicts, pandemics, and altitude change are the norm.

2023 will be an analysis of whether the apple is absolutely entering a new eon of assiduous shocks —

one that creates assiduous accumulation challenges and makes it harder to advance low and abiding inflation.

If new shocks arise, it would draft up the amiable book declared aloft in which the U.S. abridgment settles into a convalescent equilibrium.