Sydney Sweeney posted a photo dump in celebration of her mom's birthday. But it's immediately backfiring because some people think that it's showing the true color of her ed

The "Euphoria" actress posted several photos on the weekend of Instagram with photos of her and her family members celebrating her mother's birthday,

which was her 60th birthday. The party was held on a ranch and the theme was Hoedown-inspired... and with all wearing cowboy hats and boots.

Looks fairly innocent -- however, some of her fans are expressing concern about the image they're creating particularly when it comes to the attire of certain people

People are focusing their attention on this shirt that appears to be it's a Blue Lives Matter shirt -it's been symbolized by a black and white flag with blue stripes across the middle.

Other videos and photos show people wearing red MAGA caps ... and with "Make sixty great again" printed across the top.

Trent, her brother Trent, uploaded these photos and also made sure to include exactly what they were saying. However, the fact that they're not being used at all is drawing critiques.