Steve Sarkisian's Admission

The most appealing thing about college football is that each regular season game can be as if it's a matter of life or death.

Although it's not an actual fact, it's the perception of a lot of important teams. But, Texas doesn't appear to think that way heading into Saturday's match against Alabama.

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Texas Head coach Steve Sarkisian is playing it down prior to his match against former coach Nick Saban.

"My goal is to be in Dallas on Dec. 3. This game has no impact on that. We don't impact them going to the SEC Championship. But it's an awesome opportunity. Great setting for college football."

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The fans aren't thrilled with this attitude. "Not what you like to hear from the head coach," one fan wrote.

Steve Sarkisian

"When are we firing Sark? We don't need a mediocre coach, and that is exactly what he is," one fan said.

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"Uh this doesn't instill confidence. 'Bama is gonna roll over these bums," Another fan added. "Champions of Life type statement," one fan said.