spencer Pratt is Kim Kardashian for allegedly editing her trapezius muscle in a bikini photo posted on Instagram.

"Kim is incredibly accessible. I've always felt insecure regarding my trapezius muscle" The "Hills" star, 39, joked in a new TikTok video

where he ridiculed an article on the apparent Photoshop failure. "Why is she in need of one? I'm standing by my word," he continued.

"Because I'm saying, take a look. Why do you need that muscle that supports your neck? It's an insignificant muscle."

The TikTok video went viral immediately with an impressive 850,000+ views as well as 85,000 likes on Wednesday morning.

Pratt who was often thought of as a villain when he appeared as a villain on MTV during the 2000s, received a plethora of messages of support on the internet in comments.

"MTV owes you and everyone else an apology for their editing bc now we are all able to see that u are an absolute treasure," one fan wrote.

"I'm sorry about the things I said about you in the mid 2000s Spencer," another person said.

Spencer Pratt trolls Kim Kardashian

"You have completely redeemed yourself in less than 60 seconds ," another participant said.

Spencer Pratt trolls Kim Kardashian