Sarah Michelle Gellar was joined by her 12-year-old daughter Charlotte Grace Prinze at a ladies night out at a screening of "Do Revenge," an actor's latest Netflix movie.

Gellar and Prinze were photographed at a reception for this dark comedy on Sept. 14. Prinze wore a hot pink blazer

with matching pants and eyeshadow, while her mother wore a shiny, long-sleeved, bronze costume.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Daughter

Maya Hawke stars as Camila Mendes and Camila Mendes in "Do Revenge". They play two young girls who work as a staff to take down a bully.

Gellar and Sophie Turner appear in the film as Gellar, who takes over the role of headmaster at a flowery prep school.

She said that while she felt the nostalgia, she also felt the joy of being able to relive those films because you never grow out of them.