Ryan Reynolds, the Hollywood actor and co-owner of Wrexham football club, has joked with one of the fans from the Welsh club regarding him "breaching a restraining order."

The club wasn't able to gain promotion up to League Two at the first opportunity, however, that doesn't stop Reynolds and McElhenney from making the trip to Wales to support their team.

Don't believe that Reynolds does this to get a little publicity or to create a documentary.

Ryan Reynolds responds to Wrexham fan

Reynolds is evidently having the time of his life playing the role and is always finding the time to engage with supporters of the club on Twitter.

On the weekend the fan Rhys Davies took a picture of his girlfriend Vicky as well as Reynolds looking up the director's booth in the arena.

Davies tweeted: "I think @VanCityReynolds in breach of the restraining order. No - apparently it works the other way around."