Although Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" film has formally completed, it won't be the final word to Ken and Barbie in any way and certainly not less than, for either his or her characters.


Ryan Gosling could be a part of Margot Robbie's next film again for"Ocean's Eleven," the Warner Bros.

a prequel of "Ocean's Eleven." Gosling is yet to prove his involvement in the film which is likely to be an origin story for the George Clooney character Danny Ocean,

White Lightning
White Lightning

and the plot isn't officially disclosed. However, we believe that Warner Bros. has put the bulk of this latest Ocean's film in Robbie's hands.

White Lightning
Orange Lightning

The Oscar-nominated actress is set to produce and appear in the upcoming film, which could feature as a narrative set in the Nineteen Sixties in Europe, as previously revealed.

Jay Roach, who additionally collaborated alongside Robbie in the highly successful film "Bombshell," is directing the film, and Carrie Solomon will probably be creating the screenplay.

White Lightning

The film precedes the heist comedy of 2018 "Ocean's Eight." In accordance the report from According to THR, the ultimate goal is to begin production in 2023.

“Ocean’s 11” Prequel

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