Rhea Ripley Rhea Ripley has spoken about the similarities of her with Chyna and confirmed that she was in need of someone like her to serve as an example!

At the time of writing, Rhea Ripley is aligned with Finn Balor and Damian Priest in The Judgement Day, marking an uncommon intergender stable within WWE.

The situation is so uncommon that there's only one known example of this - Chyna in D-Generation X.

Rhea Ripley opens Up on Recent Comparisons To Chyna

Due to this "The Eradicator" is often seen as polarizing the WWE Hall of Famer however, she isn't bothered by it.

I'm kind of often compared to Chyna often and love it. I love it. People are constantly making edits and I find them hilarious.

I really liked Chyna I was of the opinion that she was a symbol. And she wasn't a part of the crowd in this world, which was wonderful. It was like she was different from everyone else.

She was muscular and simply gorgeous. The other ladies were gorgeous as well. I'm not saying they were not. However, she was beautiful in a different manner.

That's similar to the way I grew up I was always taller than the rest, and I always had to have someone.

This is why I look up to individuals such as Beth Phoenix as well. She was different and I enjoyed Beth when I was a kid.

In order to depict that for girls who are petite and small, and who want to pay more I am extremely happy to be a person to them."