Zito is one of the main stars of Bravo's new reality show "Real Girlfriends" Paris is speaking out about her sexuality following having a messy divorce from her husband.

The show's fans will be able to see this on the show's premiere on Sept. five premiere Zito is open

Real Housewife Star 

about her sexuality with her co-stars the decision she said was "really hard" to make due to her strict family in Texas.

"I think that [divorce] happening in Paris made me develop a sense of f--k it," she exclusively revealed to E! the news of her being out.

"This is my life and this whole new chapter of my life, especially since we divorced, is about living my most authentic self and

I feel like I couldn't do that without just being open and honest. It was extremely, extremely hard for me."

Happily, Zito was able to count on the complete backing from the Bravo co-stars. "It makes me emotional thinking about the responses that I got from my ex-pat family in Paris," Zito added.

"I'm happy that I was able to shoot alongside one of my most cherished acquaintances Margaux.

Real Housewife Star Victoria Zito Reveal

She'd known that I was gay for some time, but I'm not sure she knew how big of a matter that was till

She observed me actually revealing myself to two others. The support and response I received remains a source of tears in my eyes.