Rachel DeLoache Williams, the real-life character who was the source of inspiration for Katie Lowes' character in the Netflix series Inventing Anna, has filed a suit with the company that streams it.

Rachel earlier complained to Netflix for aiding Anna Sorokin make money from her fraud following the revelation that

she was paid $320,000 to tell her tale, but she was only able to keep a small portion of the cash.

Rachel DeLoache Williams Filed a Lawsuit

The suit, filed by the state of Delaware in Delaware the state's court states, "This action will show that Netflix has made a conscious decision for dramatic purposes to display Williams performing

Rachel's claim asserts that the show is making appear as if she cut ties with Anna due to her financial problems.

The complaint states that "Williams was not able to end her friendship and affianced with Sorokin simply because Sorokin was having issues in Morocco and not due to the fact that

she later discovered upon the return trip in New York that Sorokin was a fraud and a fraudster whose claims and promises had led Williams to incur a debt of about $62,000 for Sorokin's sake.

were untrue, and who only refunded her $5,000 in spite of numerous promises to refund her $70,000 in order to pay the total amount due and any late fees that were incurred."

Rachel's attorney highlighted an interview the executive producer Shonda Rhimes presented to prove that Rachel was "intentionally deceived in order to tell a better tale," according to THR.