"O.C." alum confirmed she's got a new boyfriend just two years following her split with the late Bill Hader.

"Call Her Daddy" podcast host Alex Cooper asked Bilson in the Wednesday episode, "Are you currently single" to which Bilson, who is 41, said, "I am not."

Cooper was then amused to ask, "Is he bringing you coffee every morning? Is he bringing missionary sexual pleasure?"

The "Hart of Dixie" alum did not reveal the name of her new love, but she along with musician Zac LaRoc was the subject of dating speculation

Bilson confessed on her podcast she has a "theme" with who she has a relationship.

Rachel Bilson reveals about her personal life

"This is a generalization," she joked before revealing, "I think I've dated quite a few actors, and I do think that some of them, not all, have very self-involved tenancies."

She added, "I think that just happens to be part of the territory most of the times. I'm not saying that all of them I've met have these traits, but it's the norm. And I'm not a fan."

"I always tell myself, 'Never again,' and then, of course, you're in another project [with] another person," she added.

"Any job you're at is surrounded by people. They're all around you every day and you'll come across people with different personalities, and at times you'll have a connection with people,"