A former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has reacted at Gwyneth Paltrow following the lifestyle magazine Goop posted content that referred to men in a variety of ways.

The outspoken TV host plunged into the row of woke by naming the writing "absurd".

Piers Morgan blasts Gwyneth Paltrow

The former host, as reported by the Sun, stated: "Gwyneth is talking absurd virtue-signaling goop.

Piers Morgan blasts Gwyneth Paltrow

The publication further stated that TalkTV friend Mike Graham said that the phrase "doesn't make sense".

He said that the actress appeared "too woke" for her ex-husband Chris Martin, who she "consciously uncoupled" from in 2014.

The other Goop articles have a byline, and it's unclear to what extent an actress took part in writing or making the pieces.

The news comes that the Shakespeare in Love actress filmed herself showering in the middle of March to promote the hair kit, which some have called "outrageously expensive".