On Ozzy's patient number 9 album special, which aired on SiriusXM's Ozzy's Boneyard this week, Ozzy opened up about his ever-growing family.

Ozzy shares daughters Aimee 39 and Kelly, 37, and son Jack who is 36, together with wife Sharon. Although Jack already has four children, Kelly has another one to come on.

When asked about his feelings about having a grandparent, the famous rocker revealed that he has a large family of grandchildren.

"I also have 11 dogs and they all sleep on my bed," Ozzy stated. "It's f---ing crazy in my house."

Ozzy Osbourne Says He Has a 'Crazy' Household

Jack posted in July that Jack and his fiancee Aree Gearhart welcomed their first child in July on Instagram.

Jack is also the dad of Minnie Theodora 4 years old, Andy Rose, 6 as well as Pearl Clementine 9, along with his ex-wife Lisa Stelly.

"I'm very happy to announce Maple Artemis Osbourne!" The caption on the photo was the infant in a cute knitted cub onesie that has ears. "Aree and Maple are doing great and are happy and healthy. "

In the month of May Kelly revealed that she and boyfriend Sid Wilson are expecting their first child together.