Olivia Wilde's second film, Don't Worry Darling It's not even released but it's already well-known for its Off-set Drama in addition to the screen drama now.

At the Venice Film Festival on Monday the director, who is 38, spoke about at least one of the topics that were on her mind:

Olivia Wilde Arrives in Italy for Venice Film Festival 2022

Florence Pugh. For the rest well, the cast was allowed to evade and avoid those extremely public discussions.

Wilde did not want to get into the endless news stories regarding their relationship, saying, "As for all the endless gossip in the

tabloids as well as all of the noise that is out there, I'm talking about the feeds on the internet itself.

I don't think I have the need to make a contribution. It's well-nourished." If anyone was concerned about whether the disagreement between actress Shia LaBeouf,

who left the show after which she became replaced with Harry Styles, was acknowledged and it was not,

Moderator Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan shook up the reporter who had asked the question. Vallan replied, "I think this question has been answered when she talked about the internet."