Olivia Wilde is ready for her brand new album Don't Worry Darling. The director, who is 38 years old, arrived the day before to attend the 2022 Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy.

The couple's boyfriend Harry Styles was seen arriving with Harry Styles at the celebration.

Olivia Wilde Arrives in Italy for Venice Film Festival 2022

There's a bit of drama before the show's premiere. She had earlier spoken out about the reasons for her firing Shai LaBeouf from Don't worry Dolly, which he later denied.

Oliviaseemingly attempted to work things out in conjunction with Shai LaBeouf prior to his exit from the film. an audio message she sent her has been gone online.

Olivia Wilde recently revealed her thoughts on the cuts she had in order to alter the Don't Worry Darling trailer to allow the film to be accepted by the MPA. MPA.

There's been a lot of debate about the sex scenes in the trailer, and the film's main character Florence Pugh even spoke about her role as being "reduced to your s*x scenes."