Sometimes, you require a fresh hairstyle to make a change And the actor Nicolas Cage has definitely done that.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

The Unbearable weight of massive talent actor was recently seen sporting a fiery red hair dye and the flamboyant new style is causing quite a stir with fans.

A few fans said that he seemed like he'd recently won the Squid Game while others wondered whether the hairstyle was genuine

Nicolas Cage

and prompted the sharing of a different photo of Cage's new hair color. One fan suggested that perhaps Cage should be playing the

role of the dragon for a while in Highfire instead of speaking it due to his red hairstyle. It was announced previously that Cage will be

appearing in a TV film adaptation of Highfire which is the adult thriller written by Artemis Fowl's writer Eoin Colfer,

with Cage voicing the title character Highfire who is a dragon living in Louisiana and loves drinking vodka.