Mindy Kaling has plenty to say about her experiences as a single mother. In the latest show of Meghan Markle's "Archetypes" podcast,

the TV host discussed her life as a sole guardian and the reason she chose to begin a family at her own pace -- a conversation to which she said that she's "susceptible" when discussing the issue.

"The idea of why isn't me? Why do I not have the same status as the other person who got married?' is one that it is more difficult to talk about," Kaling informed Markle.

"I am still looking at it. It is making me feel emotional . . . I know that it will be extremely valuable to my kids, and you know the fact that they have a father.

This wasn't our family's life, and I think about it with sadness and am concerned about what the kids think when they get old?"

Episode 3 from "Archetypes," which was released on Sept. 6, features Markle and Kaling debating their respective interpretations of the "previous maid/spinster"

trope -the term most often used to describe single girls, which is what the latter believes certain people believe she is.

"There's a complete Indian angle on it, too, to decide on to have your individual kids by your self," Kaling declared. "I have not traveled to India since I was 14 but when you get older, 

In the interview afterwards, Kaling additionally shared that she chose to have her children -daughters Katherine and Spencer Spencer at

the age of her 30s because of the fact that she "knew [she] wanted the sources," in reference to the comfort of financial stability.

"Not everybody has these talents, however I occur to, and so that's -- I am unable to even put a worth on with the ability to really feel monetary consolation to [be a parent]."