After losing the world's best left-handed tackle Tyron Smith, who was a world-class left tackle with severe injury

The Dallas Cowboys worked quickly to locate his replacement. They've selected the 9-time Pro-Bowler Jason Peters as their man.

In the morning, Cowboys director of football Mike McCarthy revealed his initial ideas on the addition of Peters as a player.

When he spoke to the media, he applauded the move as it gave players more variety. He thinks that Peters will end the rest of his time in Dallas.

"This is about adding depth," McCarthy stated. McCarthy said Peters is likely to "love to finish his career here."

Peters is entering his 18th season in the NFL The majority of his time was spent playing for his team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mike McCarthy Reacts

The previous year Peters was a player in the Chicago Bears, starting 15 games as a left tackle.

Mike McCarthy

Between 2007 to between, 2007 Jason Peters was about as excellent a left tackle in the NFL has ever seen. He played in 9 Pro Bowls and was a six-time All-Pro selection during that time.

Peters was selected to be on the Pro Football Hall of Fame All-Decade Team for the decade of 2010 and was a part of the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles in the year 2017.

However, injuries haven't been a minor issue for the 40-year-old offensive tackle. He's been out for 22 games over the last five seasons.