JR Smith is one of the most well-known players of his time. While he shifted into a more supportive character position

when his playing career progressed Smith was always an offensive sparkplug and was the winner of two NBA championships.

Since his basketball retirement, Smith has been pursuing a sort that is quite a surprise in his golf career.

Michael Jordan

Due to the successes he has had through this avenue In the course of his career, he was fortunate enough to play golf alongside Chicago Bulls legend, Michael Jordan.

Like one would think, Jordan had quite a lot of negative talk about Smith in their first meeting on the golf course.

In a recent interview with Pierce Simpson of Complex, Smith shared an interesting story about a meeting between Jordan and him. Jordan.

"He made this snide comment at me with a low-key. So we bet right and I decided to double down on one bet. He asked, 'Alright. how do we play?'

Based on merit, Jordan obviously is not incorrect in his assessment of Smith. However, to hear it spoken out loud to you, oh my.

Michael Jordan

Jordan is always a bit of an animal. Do not forget his four-word salute to Allen Iverson. Also, the hand position in that famous Mary J. Blige photo.