She has been confirmed to have the condition known as posterior cortex atrophy (PCA) and is showing signs of Alzheimer's disease.

Maureen McGovern

Maureen McGovern

She made a positive, yet emotional post in her post on Facebook along with the site Friday.

Alzheimer's Disease

"What I do, or what I am still able to accomplish, has changed. I can no longer travel or perform in live concerts.

In fact, I can no longer drive -- how's that for a kick in the butt?" McGovern wrote.

Maureen McGovern Health Issues

PCA is diagnosed as a degenerative neurological disorder that can cause problems in processing visual information. PCA can also lead to cognitive decline with time.

It's certainly an issue however it's not going to hinder me from living the life I want to live. In the beginning,

I was having difficulty finding in my head the words that I was looking to use," McGovern said. "I was battling the inevitable shock of fear and, frankly, despair.

All of us are caregivers and patients at some point during our lifetimes. I've seen the way that music and the arts can lift our spirits

and open our hearts to our shared humanness," she said. "I am hoping that you continue to support me in these future projects.