Matthew Libatique discussed tensions on the set for Olivia Wilde's psychological thriller. He said that the rumored drama was "completely false."

The majority of speculation revolved around Wilde's co-star Florence Pugh who was reportedly involved in a fight while filming the movie.

Libatique however is putting to rest the gossip and stated that based on his own experience there were no red flags.

"This was probably one of the most harmonious sets I've ever seen," Libatique stated on The Hollywood Reporters Behind The Screen podcast.

"Olivia built a team of people who believed in her, and she believed that everyone on the set believed in her... I reject rumors that there was acrimony. It was not apparent."

Libatique stated that whatever happened, it happened after I had left and began doing something else.

"I wasn't witnessing to anything, and I didn’t feel anything." It's normal to feel a sense of something happening, but I didn’t feel it.

Although the Oscar nominee did not experience any drama, he was aware of how special Wilde is as an actor and director.

Libatique said that the Booksmart director was "extremely visually and open-minded" and that the Midsommar actress could "do anything".