The lifestyle guru's son, who she did not have, better called Pete Davidson, is booked and busy but could appear for Martha Stewart's podcast. Martha Stewart podcast.

"He's doing two movies at the present time," Martha revealed to E! News in an interview to announce

Martha Stewart claims Over Pete Davidson

the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters partnership. "And he's agreed to do my podcast, supposedly."

Martha Stewart claims Over Pete Davidson

When it comes to the fans' burning questions regarding the comedian, who recently broke up with Kim Kardashian, Martha teased,

"I'll find out everything you're looking for on the podcast, which airs on iHeartRadio as well as Apple podcast, too. However, I'm very excited to talk with Kim Kardashian."

It's still unclear the date her conversation with Pete will take place She did provide some insights into what Pete is doing.

"He's having the time of his life," Martha exclusively said to E! News. "This guy is a talented actor [and] comedian, and who is a bon vivant at the same time. He's fun."

Martha said to The Daily Mail on August. 12, that she invited comedian Pete to be a guest in a podcast after

the viral meme claimed Pete might be dating the 81-year old following his breakup with Kim. (Spoiler alert: He's not.)