We have recently announced the fact that Maneskin have canceled their appearances at the festival of Reading as well as Leeds across the UK because of "unforeseen conflicting schedules".

The news was met with dismay by fans who bought tickets to the festival to attend the performances of Maneskin specifically.

It wasn't long before the jolly reason behind"unforeseen scheduling conflicts "unforeseen schedule conflicts" was revealed

Music Awards 2022

They were the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and were nominated in two categories at The MTV Video Music Awards 2022 additionally,

they were scheduled to perform their song " Supermodel" live during the awards ceremony that was held last night at the MTV Video Music Awards in New Jersey.

The Italians did not just win the prize to be awarded "Best Alternative" with their track " I Wanna Be Your Slave"

However, they also dominate the news this day, after their performance in " Supermodel" was apparently blocked.

In the first part of the show at the beginning of the show, singer Damiano David appears wearing chaps and showing his bottom while he turns.

It appears that Bassist Victoria De Angelis took off her top a bit later, showing her breasts. This was not evident to those who watched the show on TV.