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I'm not afraid to speak out about s*x...but I believe that's my real self and everything else," she says.

Maitland Ward

"When I was a kid I used to be so gracious throughout my life. I will never make excuses again."

Maitland Ward

The actress who made her debut with The Bold and the Beautiful before becoming part of the crew in Boy Meets Worlds Rachel in 1998

The actress has since quit Hollywood in pursuit of an acting profession in the field of p*rnography.

Maitland Ward

The journey that she traces in her forthcoming publication Rated X: The Story of How P*rn Saved me from Hollywood will be released in sept. 6 is one of regaining control over her s*xuality.

I was always viewed by my opinion as the most provocative People were enthralled by my legs' lengths,

Maitland Ward

and the fact that I'm tall and have fiery red hair. And, it was almost made it acceptable," Ward says of her experiences with TV shows

but she also notes that some of the things she went through could not be "acceptable" in the present.

People would walk up and to pat you on the back or giving you a little squeeze or tell you, 'Oh, look at how gorgeous you are. Look at your tits