Lourdes "Lola" Leon, Madonna and Carlos Leon's daughter. She released her debut track"Lock&Key" with"the stage name Lolahol.

The model of 25 years old's first single is out now via the Chemical X label, run by Eartheater an artist from New York who is a music producer who is a bit of an unconventional.

Together with Leon, Kiri Stensby (also known as Hara-Kiri) Samuel Burgess, and Samuel Burgess collaborated on the song's writing and co-production.

Leon's gorgeous vocals are set over lustrous synths, screaming sub-bass, and frantic.

Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon

The actress is seen in the movie jumping around on the top of an SUV making an oath and engaging in conversations with a gorgeous cattle cake at the cemetery.

She admitted in one interview she loves music and sings. She would not want to pursue it as a career path, however. She admitted that she's more into dancing rather than music.