Lea Michele shows her support for Beanie Feldstein ahead of her Funny Girl debut on Sept. 6.

Lea Michele Reveals

The actress actually revealed that she watched Beanie's performance of Fanny Brice before her departure earlier in the summer.

She said that she had seen the show and told People, "I saw it." "I wrote to her and told her how amazing of a job she did. She was so funny, beautiful, and amazing.

Rumors of rivalry between the leading women were squashed by the Glee alum. She said, "I believe that everyone thinks everything's so drama-filled."

"I think people love the thrill of pitting women against one another, which I find sad and unfortunate."

Beanie, who was the artistic director of the Broadway revival that opened in April 2022 announced on July 10th that she would be leaving the show.

The Booksmart actress expressed her gratitude and explained why she was leaving the production before her Sept. 25 departure.

In her message, she stated that "Fanny Brice playing on Broadway was a lifelong dream" "And doing this for the past few months has been an incredible joy and true honour.

This experience will be a lasting memory. I would like to thank everyone who attended the August Wilson for their love and support.