a user Kristen Ludwig, who runs the account KL Nutrition & Fitness, posted the conflicting snack strategy she has with her kids.

A nutritionist revealed that when her kids have a fascination with harmful food items like candy, she gives it more often.

Kristen brought a lunch basket in her home that she lets her children take advantage of throughout the day and at meals.

"I'm currently keeping candy in my house right now because one of my five-year-olds has been talking about it

ALL THE TIME and asking when we can have it. So, I bought some and it's on the counter," she said.

Kristen Ludwig trolled for controversial snack

"When humans feel deprived of something, they want it more. Their minds can become obsessive about it," Kristen explained.

She went on to say: "This 100 percent applies to food. If kids feel restricted from certain foods, they want it more."

"They've each had 3 pieces total today with their meals. I can already see the obsession decreasing. It's in plain view on the counter and they've asked for it TWICE today,"

"If you offer it more, the novelty wears off and they don't feel restricted. They self regulate and it just becomes like ANY OTHER FOOD," she explained.

My kids don't have to be good to enjoy a cupcake. They don't have to 'eat their broccoli' before eating the ice yogurt," she said in the caption.

Kristen explained: "Doing this can put certain foods on a pedestal and creates obsession/fascination with them. Aka they want them more."