If it was necessary to use any convincing to get Charlie Cox and Tim Roth back on stage, Cat Coiro said,

Kat Coiro 

Kat Coiro 

"They're extremely strong actors and have such powerful points of view due to the fact that they were in those roles.

more than what we did in the She-Hulk world. The actress praised their ability to blend with the show's humor as well as adding

"Very quickly, they were able to adapt to the new style, that was much more comical than they had gotten used to."

The actors were concerned they were pushing way too fast, Coiro wanted the actors to challenge their characters to the edge.

There's plenty of space in MCU comedy and they won't have that opportunity elsewhere. Coiro said, "I remember the only ever question any MCU character has ever asked me was,

"Can I go this far Do I go too far? I always replied: "Go as long as you'd like. It's actually a half-hour comedy."