John Legend is speaking out about his broken connection to Kanye West. The 33-year-old "All of Me" singer-songwriter has spoken out

about the state of his relationship with the 45-year-old "Flashing Lights" rapper in an interview with New Yorker.

In the interview, Kanye talked about the reasons why the two of them Kanye are in an uneasy relationship.

I don't think that the politics of politics should dominate your relationships. Likewise, your friendships with people shouldn't be determined by the person they have voted for.

However, I believe that certain things that you believe in can be indicators of your character and will impact your relationships.

What exactly is friendship? If they're not blood relations, in many ways, they're defined by your perception of the person's character and beliefs,

and whether or not they have an element of compatibility with your perception of the world.

John Legend Clarifies

Today, we're constantly connected and the battles that we've seen over the last seven years via Twitter, especially around Trump have changed the way we view politics for many people.

I don't wish to live in a world that's so engulfed with politics, that they're the primary factor in determining who is the person

I want to be with you and shouldn't. However, values are important and character is important, and moral compass matters."