Joel Kim, Booster is making a statement. The 34-year-old Fire Island star issued a statement in response to

Joel Kim Booster

Billy Eichner's remarks regarding LGBTQ+ films. The comments were met with criticism on social media.

It's not a streaming service that is disposable or that is one of the millions of Netflix shows.

Joel Kim Booster Responds to Billy Eichner

I was required to recognize the fact that this is a significant moment and somehow you're in the middle of this.

You were the one who helped make it happen and you're the one who helped make it happen,'" Billy said in an interview in the past,

and was criticised for appearing to downplay Fire Island, which debuted on Hulu in the spring of this year. The singer later clarified his remarks.

Oh, woof. I've been out in the Desert for 10 days and have no cell phone, so I'm not certain what happened however I think I need to mention:

Billy is my very first boss in comedy. He is my best friend and has helped my work in many ways throughout

the making of Fire Island and ultimately, our films have little in common with one another," Billy wrote.

However, I'm excited to finally see Bronson on the big screen and I wish Billy all the best. I hope you take pleasure in both of our films without comparing them to one another

I've talked to Billy and we're good friends and I'm far too distracted by my text messages that I haven't read and making funny jokes

regarding Burning Man to focus on this, so this is an end for me. Thanks to all of you for being so helpful it's awesome.