From the denim Balmain dress, she was wearing to the premier of Bones And Alto to the dark Casablanca outfit she donned on her arrival at the Festival,

Jodie Turner-Smith has established herself as the most dressed participant at the Venice International Film Festival.

Stranger Things' Sadie Sink. At the time of the screening of the A24 film, she wore a custom Harbison dress.

In the stunning Cerulean gown, Turner-Smith donned the sequinned black and white bralette, which matched the shimmer she wore on the Bvlgari accessories.

Alongside the diamond-studded earrings as well as a pendant Turner-Smith carried her Bvlgari signet ring with an outfit of black gloves.

In terms of her look for beauty Turner-Smith was not disappointed. For her eyes of her,

JODIE TURNER at Italy for Venice Film Festival 2022

she donned dense black eyeliner and an emulsion of golden and dark eye shadow. Also, on her lips, she put on a bare gloss.

We're eager to see what she will wear when she walks the red carpet the next time because it's just growing better.