Jeremy Strong has broken his silence about the reaction to the New Yorker profile in which his method of acting was in the spotlight.

The Emmy-winning actor at 43 for HBO's Succession explained why he felt that the profile was a "profound and undeserved betrayal."

Jeremy Strong

The article discusses Jeremy’s intense dedication to the Succession position. This included sustaining injuries and

co-stars voicing concern over his acting style. He even admitted that it might make him look "difficult."

Jeremy Strong

Jeremy said, "The noise after it: I think that it's something I care about ultimately. I want to feel as free and as happy as I can as an actor.

You have to try to keep yourself away from what others might think or say about you. It is important to let go of all that.

It was difficult. I felt foolish. Actors have one of the most important secret weapons: the ability to accept feeling foolish.

"Any time you step onto a set, if it's not risky enough and you aren't wagering enough, then I feel like I might make a huge, gigantic fool of myself.

This is with James's film, as well as the show. It's part and parcel of doing good work. There is risk involved. You have to get out there. It's fine, I suppose.

Jeremy Strong

It's difficult to talk about acting without sounding serious, but it's something I take very seriously and have dedicated my life to," Jeremy stated.