Harris Dickinson and Zac Efron will be joining Jeremy Allen White to play a trio involving three brothers in wrestling.

The trio will star in A24's "The Iron Claw," where they will play the roles of the real-life brothers, the Von Erichs.

Deadline reported White's casting. A24 confirmed the casting on Tweet. Sean Durkin wrote and directed the film.

The film will follow the story of the Von Erichs, a family wrestling dynasty. Jack Adkisson, the patriarch of the household, used Fritz Von Erich's title as his wrestling gimmick in the beginning.

Five of his six children would become skilled wrestlers. Fritz had lost five of his six children before he died, making it a legend that the family was "cursed".

White will portray Kerry Von Erich who is probably the most famous member of the household. Efron will portray Kevin, while Dickinson will portray David.

The roles require the three main males to be able to bulk up as well as wrestle. Efron previously spoke out about his frustration with trying to get the "Baywatch look".

"That 'Baywatch" look, I don't know if it is possible. The skin and pores are too dry. It is fake; it appears CGI'd," he told Men's Health about their October topic.

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