Jennifer Coolidge was taken to the ER just before she began filming The White Lotus!

Jennifer Coolidge Reveals

Following her win at the Emmy Awards the 61-year-old actress said that she needed to visit the emergency room after arriving in Hawaii for the production of the HBO series.

Allure spoke with Jennifer about her reaction to bad spray tanning. Jennifer shared, "For The White Lotus I didn't want my body to look like a giant, white marshmallow on the Hawaiian beach.

.So I did a spray tan." "I felt really strange when I got on the plane. "I had to visit the emergency room by the time I got off of the plane."

Jennifer's medical scare prompted production to make changes to her makeup routine.

Jennifer Coolidge Reveals

Jennifer said that "I think we ended up using regular makeup." "I would shower as soon as we stopped filming." "I have such a rapid reaction to things."

Jennifer stated that this allergic reaction was a new development. Jennifer stated, "I wasn't someone who cared too much about ingredients."

"Then, over the past five to six years, I began getting allergic. I would tear up every day, but I never thought it was my makeup.