In November of last year's fall, Jenna Fox actor was all glamourous in a black and white sleeveless dress that featured a halter top that was crisscrossed with the plunging neckline.

With the striking pattern, Jenna's overall dress was of a simpler style. For her jewelry, she just was wearing a few rings, and diamond studs.

Jenna Dewan

To offset the minimalistic nature of her outfit To counterbalance the minimality of her outfit, to counterbalance the minimalistic style of her accessories,

World of Dance alumni decided to increase the dramatic aspect of her style by using striking makeup.

Her dark hair was tucked in a sleek ballerina braid Jenna's eye makeup was a statement with her striking black eyeliner and an ethereal pink lipstick.

At the moment, Brad showcased the ensemble on TikTok with Jenna dressed in full makeup and spinning in the dress. "Twirl gurl," the caption reads the video.

The fashionistas who follow him may be aware that the fashion expert is known for posting pictures of his celeb friends prior to big events,

including Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. The fans were amazed at her "Step Up actress' outfit and a lot of them took the time to express their opinions.

"Always love a Jenna glam ," one user wrote in the comments. "Simply timeless and stunning," another user wrote. "She is the most beautiful ," someone else responded.