Don't give God the entire credit for this. Jay-Z has squelched the rumors of a seemingly nonexistent dispute in the past with Meek Mill


after the rapper resigned from Jay-Z's label Roc Nation in July in a track in DJ Khaled's new track "God Did," off his album with the same title.

After fairly sized releases of Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, Jay-Z drops a four-minute verse and, in the end, he sings,

White Lightning
White Lightning

"I and Meek could never beef / I freed that n- - - - from a whole bid." ("Hov did it," he said, much of which was likely to upset the executive producer Allah.)

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Orange Lightning

Meek was on the same page, tweeting, "Never !!!!! !" He later celebrated Khaled's newest album as well as tweeting,

"GOD ALWAYS DID about rolling up the tempo!" It's great to witness these two artists supporting each other,

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but is it still heartbreaking to see Meek's pathetic standards for smoking music?

Jay-Z and Meek Mill Agree