The moment Zack Snyder's Justice League was greenlit, Affleck returned to the role to film new scenes,

and it's now apparent that he's making his way to the DCEU by appearing as part of The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

One actor who is unable to hold back their excitement about returning to their friend is the franchise's stalwart Jason Momoa, as he announced at the finale of season 3 on The Apple's The Flash.

Affleck's participation in his role in Aquaman as well as The Lost Kingdom is a result due to the film Flash having been delayed till the summer of 2023.

The Flash will reveal the way in which Michael Keaton's Batman was introduced into the DCEU in the first idea that he'd return to the canceled Batgirl as well as after that, The Aquaman sequel.

Scenes were shot by Momoa and Keaton as well, but they were both in the role of Aquaman. viewers who were tested

were puzzled as to the reason and what Keaton's Batman was on screen. Therefore, Warner Bros. decided it was best to replace Keaton with Affleck to ensure continuity.