The Zoey 101 alum got abundant at 16 years old with babe Maddie Briann, now 14, with ex Casey Aldridge. Spears is now 31 and is additionally mom to Ivey Joan, 4, with bedmate Jamie Watson.

She stars in the hit Netflix show, Sweet Magnolias, is an articulation amateur in the activated Alice’s Wonderland Bakery,

 and is the columnist for the bestselling book, Things I Should’ve Said. She will additionally be aggressive in the new Special Forces: The Ultimate Test show, premiering on FOX on Jan. 4.

“I can bethink about 15-16 years ago, back every banderole about apple was cogent me that I was a failure, aggregate I formed my accomplished activity for would be gone,

and I had broken my accomplished life, bc I was an adolescent babe who got pregnant, & absitively to accumulate my baby,” Spears wrote in her diffuse post.

“I accustomed every abominable affair said about me as the truth, my abandoned ambition was to be larboard abandoned to accession my babyish in accord and so I did aloof that.”

What a huge accommodation for a jailbait to make, and she did it with so abundant adroitness — while in the accessible eye.  She additionally didn’t accord up on herself.

“I did things actuality and there to be able to get by over the years, but I couldn’t advice myself from accomplishing what I loved,” Spears continued.

“I formed quietly, and begin means to accept my artistic outlet, but affected I’d never be accustomed to go afterward

my ‘big’ dreams again, bc the ‘world’ absitively I didn’t deserve them anymore, I kinda agreed with them too, but I still kept activity anyway.”

“Little by little, year afterward year, activity afterward project, things started to dent abroad both alone & professionally,

afresh I begin myself accepting the befalling to do things that my 16-year-old cocky wasn’t abiding I’d anytime be able to do again,” she went on.

 “I can’t accept I get the befalling to do all the things I dreamed about back I was a little girl, as able-bodied as being able to accommodate aegis and assurance for my own accouchement and family.”