Ireland Baldwin has shared her reasons behind trimming off her hair after revealing her new style on Instagram at the weekend.

Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin

This past Saturday the actress 26 years old posted a picture showing her change on the picture-sharing platform, and also posted an obnoxious message.

In the caption of the photo showing her head, which was shaved in flesh, was bleached and tanned in a platinum blonde color,

Ireland Baldwin

Baldwin wrote: "don't say that I will not do something just because I'm going to.

Ireland Baldwin Shaving Off Her Hair

Baldwin's reveal of her new outfit was greeted with a flood of positive comments Baldwin also shared her Instagram Stories post explaining the motives behind her decision to change her look.

"Do things that scare you," she wrote on her selfie, photos of which were made available from a variety of news outlets. "Do things that other people say you'll never do."

"My hair was destroyed by years of bleach and modeling and bulls*** since I was 17," she continued to describe. "It's long overdue for a restart/refresh.

I've always wanted to do this, but I was always scared. Now that I don't care about what other people think, I feel more beautiful than ever."