The news was announced last week the news that the show will return for another season. In light of the shocking conclusion of the initial series of episodes,

the announcement has been widely anticipated and the show will certainly have plenty of material to use.

Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan) is a tech-savvy whiz with a nasty disposition who is expected to continue to rule the world,

Inside Job Season 2

despite being incapable of managing her own life as well as the wild behavior of her coworkers who are eccentric.

Does the give in to pressure or will the business at Cognito Inc., and ultimately, the world remain out of hand?

Conspiracy theories are integral to the story in the show Inside Job. it was noted that there are references to a myriad of various government plots as well as mysterious characters.

For instance, the notorious rarely-heard of Bigfoot appears for a brief moment as he walks past his office. Brett Hand (Clark Duke).

Inside Job Season 2

The director of HR at Cognito Inc. is a real Mothman. In one episode, Reagan finds herself at an elegant dinner party for reptile overlords.

In the next season it will be sure to have new theories that are more outrageous. In light of the increasingly conspiratorial debate the show's creators