Emily Carey is likely on her path to becoming a huge actor thanks her character in the role of the young Alicent Hightower on the HBO show House of the Dragon.

I believe it helped me gain an understanding of Alicent," she added. "I believe she's incredibly multifaceted.

There are multiple layers in her. I'm sure a lot of people already expect that she will be the main antagonist in The show.

I believe that by she was a younger character, and there was plenty to learn about."

House of the Dragon's Emily Carey

After being criticized for her remarks, Emily wrote in a later deleted tweet "I believe in my comments on the panel.

Alicent is not the one who is the villain People. At the time we meet her, she's one of the children, a result of patriarchy. Let's wait and see. Perhaps you'll feel for the person

Emily said. "But I'll admit that I deleted Twitter [after Comic-Con because it's too loud. Even when you're enjoying it there are many people and it's so loud.

I am a fan of the excitement I don't mean to be a jerk however, sometimes it can become overwhelming and I'm being totally open about it."