As I was a "Game of Thrones" fan (and eventually a disappointed "Game of Thrones" fan) I spent several hours in the story as long as "House of the Dragon"

I was somewhat nervous about it. Did we really need to repeat that? Do I really need to do it once more? Is the "game of Thrones" spinoff really justified its own existence?

After having watched the six episodes from "house of the Dragon" HBO opened up to critics, I'm able to answer with strong certainty. "House of the Dragon" is a nice TV show.

The opening episode introduces us to two ladies at the center of the series The princesses are Rhaenyra Targaryen and Lady Alicent Hightower.

The two teenage girls as portrayed in earlier scenes with Milly Alcock as well as Emily Carey are the best of friends.

They're so close that their connection, on occasions, can feel romantic. They're also the two young ladies caught in the political tumult that is The Pink Maintain.

Their relationship is a shambles when you first meet them. Alcock and Carey are masterful in their job of exploring all the emotions that run the two experts.

It's easy to compare their characters against some of the famous ladies from "game of Thrones," but they have something unique to

their characters that allows them to get out of the shadows of their predecessors. The platinum blonde wig is a different story,

Rhaenyra will not make you wish she were Daenerys, but she is a different character.

House of the Dragon